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We train, build, work hard and create all kind of projects together.

Anomaly Dance Company is an original transformative dance company by Tobias Ellehammer. The focus of the company is to deviate from what feels comfortable and explore anomalous new pathways while pushing boundaries as a unified community. 

You pay 175 usd for 18 hours a month. All payment is handled via Millenium Dance Complex. There’s a no refund policy in place. 

All training is in-person only. There is no online alternative. 


Starting June 8th training takes place once a week every Saturday from 9:30am to 2pm at Millenium Dance Complex Studio B. Concerning the months with 5 Saturdays, we take the last Saturday of the month as an off day before starting back again next month. Due to our first training day being June 8th, we will have no off day that month. 

All training is in-person only. There is no online alternative. 

As an Anomaly Dance Company member you are required to participate in 2 open Tobias Friday classes per month. Classes take place every Friday 7-9pm at Millennium Dance Complex studio X.

In order for your submission to be considered you must have completed a minimum of 1 Ellehammer Intensive. Your submission will not be considered if you haven’t. 

The total amount of group members is limited to 35 people. If you get accepted into the company then you are expected to take responsibility for your participation and commitment to the space and community we build. You are expected to commit to a minimum of 3 months but you will not be charged for more than a month at a time. The goal in the company is to get everyone working and embark on a successful individual career path as well as growing together as a unit, so we will always understand if you can’t participate due to work or any other important reasons as long it is communicated properly and respectfully. 

After 3 months we evaluate and potentially open up for new submissions depending on circumstances within the company. 

Every training day is carefully planned out by Tobias and can vary from in depth training with himself, guest teachers or creative endeavors for projects.

All Anomaly Dance Company members will additionally get a 50% discount on any Ellehammer Intensives as long as they’re a member.


Before you start filling out your form, make sure that you have 3 videos ready in a shareable link. One intro video of yourself where you can tell us about yourself and why you want to join the company, a second video of you dancing one of Tobias’s choreographies and a third video of yourself freestyling to any music for 1 minute max. Then make sure that the social media you add to the form isn’t a private account and that there is clips of you dancing on there and finally make sure that you have participated in minimum 1 of the Ellehammer Intensives. You will not be accepted if you haven’t. Good luck! 

Once accepted we will process the payment.


Thank you for submitting!

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