About The Millennium Dance Complex

The MILLENNIUM DANCE COMPLEX is a professional dance center catering to the artistic community of the greater Los Angeles area. Many of the classes offered are geared toward working dancers, previously trained dancers or those who have the desire to learn to dance in an accelerated learning environment. Others are structured to accommodate children and adult beginners.

All classes are taught by working performers and choreographers with extensive personal experience in the performing arts and a willingness to bring out the best in the students.

For rehearsal and audition needs, Moro Landis Millennium offers several fully-equipped rental spaces. Moro Landis Millennium is conveniently located in the North Hollywood Arts District, adjacent to all major studios and a short drive from Hollywood. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at 818.753.5081.

The History of the Studio

George Moro and Ruth Landis were a couple of young dancers in the vaudevillian era. He, a tap dancer and she a showgirl, met while working together in a show, fell in love and married. At this time Las Vegas was blossoming into a star-studded hot spot, but was still not enough to have the facilities to properly develop its shows.

George and Ruth bought a building that had been a beatnik coffee shop near the corner of Ventura and Vineland in Studio City, California and began to construct what was to become The Moro Landis Building. They began a production company that would reign on the Vegas Strip, producing most of the shows there. The stars came to rehearse at Moro Landis, the dancers were choreographed, the costumes, tickets, sets, absolutely everything was created on the premises.

At the same time a fellow dancer friend of George's, the now legendary "father of jazz dance" Luigi, was looking for a place to teach regular classes in Los Angeles. George put in a large dance studio for his friend and hence the inception of "Studio B". The site quickly became the hub of all that was dance for stage, television and the big screen. The dancers who were under contract at the Warner Brothers Studio were even housed in an apartment building across the street, at 4140 Arch Drive.

The Moro's were extremely successful and became millionaires while they raised three children in and around their dance center. A longtime friend and ex-MGM contract actress, Dorothy Barrett, says that each time you would meet George on the street and chat, he would break out in a tap time step while continuing the conversation. Former Warner Brothers contract dancer, Douglas Burnham, recalls that things were a bit crazy there, due to the mix of artists....you never knew who would walk in the door or what would explode.

There are only fond memories of this beloved man who truly loved dance and dancers who made his life, family and business the Moro Landis Studio. When he passed away in the mid-eighties the business was tied-up and Ruth sold the building. For generations of dancers and performers, The Moro Landis name represents memories, a piece of history, family, success and mostly continuity, in a business that is known for anything but.

What we become is never just the result of our own efforts, but is built upon the foundation of those who have come before us or supported us. We honor the memory and tradition inspired by George Moro and Ruth Landis and feel it is important to carry on their name into our new MILLENNIUM.


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